Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

It’s hard to imagine anything better than sweet, melt-in-your-mouth, decadent chocolate. Ever since the first beans were used from the cacao tree, we have sought out all things chocolate to satiate a sweet tooth and play the starring role in confections of all kinds.

How could we possibly improve upon one of the world’s most beloved and sought-after sweets? Infuse it with cannabis, bringing together the smooth and satisfying taste of chocolate with the calming and euphoric effects of one of nature’s most magical therapeutic tools.

Cannabis-infused chocolate will elevate your next chocolate craving to an experience that will have you bypassing your normal sweet treats and reaching for a bar enhanced with THC instead. This pairing is simply unbeatable, and Potency offers a flavor profile to suit any chocolate lover, along with the highest-quality strains of bud.

One bite of our bars, and we know you will be sold on both the taste and the cannabis-infused vibes to follow.

The Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles, including our mouth watering cannabis chocolate bars along with gummies and beverages, are the perfect choice for those who love the effects of cannabis but don’t like to smoke. With edibles, the entire process is discreet, and you can enjoy THC, CBD, and other compounds without concerns about odor or smoke lingering.

Cannabis edibles have long-lasting effects and are convenient and portable, so you can enjoy them wherever you are. There is no need to search for a lighter or rolling paper, fumble to recharge a vape pen or worry about unpleasant odors in your home or clothing.

Cannabis edibles also come in various flavors, whether you are craving a bite of chocolate or want to quench your thirst with a refreshing citrus seltzer.

Best of all, while enjoying a nice buzz after a cannabis chocolate bar, you may be doing your health a favor in the long term, thanks to the many reported benefits of dark chocolate.

Take a Bite Out of These Cannabis Chocolate Bars

If you like your chocolate paired with peanut butter, our Incredibles bar will give you all the same great taste as your favorite peanut butter cup coated in delicious, high-quality chocolate. CBG and THC in the bar will ensure your mood is as elevated as your taste buds.

Premium live resin is used in these handcrafted small batches to ensure the best Cannabis experience.

Incredibles Strawberry Crunch Chocolate Bar is another favorite among our customers thanks to its complex flavorings; It will satisfy any sweet tooth, and the infused cannabis will leave you with a long-lasting mellow energy and sense of calm. Each serving contains 5mg of THC. Another incredibly popular offering from Sweet Spot is the Hard Shell RSO Chill Chocolate.

With 5 mg THC per serving, these cannabis chocolate bars are sure to become one of your favorites when you crave something sweet and want to elevate your mood.


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