Common Questions

What are your hours of operation?

You can stop in Monday through Sunday, from 10 AM to 8 PM.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and debit cards. We cannot accept credit cards.

Where are you located?

1450 East Street Suite 1 Pittsfield, MA 01201

Am I allowed to bring my child or children into the dispensary with me?

We don’t allow anyone under the age of 21 inside the dispensary, including infants and children of customers.

Where can I learn more about cannabis?

There are dozens of great resources online, but we recommend starting with leafly.com for the basics. You can always pop into the store to chat with a member of our team, too!

I need product recommendations, where can I get some assistance?

Check out the “Staff Picks” section of our online ordering system here for the most up-to-date recommendations. Not sure what you’re looking for? Check out forage.io for their top picks based on your mood, goals, or plans for the day.

Purchasing and Consumption

I don’t live in Massachusetts. Can I still purchase recreational marijuana?

Yes, you can purchase recreational marijuana with a government-issued ID that verifies you are 21 or older. Please remember that any products purchased from Potency (or any other dispensary in Massachusetts) are legal ONLY in Massachusetts.

Where am I allowed to consume recreational marijuana products?

In accordance with Massachusetts law, consumption of recreational marijuana may only occur in privately designated areas where smoking and/or vaping is allowed. There is no consumption allowed on Potency property. Please keep in mind that public consumption of marijuana may result in fines.

How much recreational marijuana or how many recreational marijuana products am I allowed to purchase per visit?

You may legally purchase up to 1 ounce of recreational marijuana flower or 5 grams of recreational marijuana concentrate per day; recreational marijuana edibles amounts will be contingent based on potency as part of the 1-ounce limit.

What form of ID do I need to purchase recreational marijuana?

You need a government-issued ID to verify that you are 21+ years of age. Acceptable forms of ID to purchase recreational marijuana include a valid, non-expired driver’s license, Passport, State ID card, or military ID.

Do I need a medical marijuana card?

You do NOT need a medical marijuana card to purchase marijuana for recreational use.

How does online ordering work?

Once you place your order, you’ll receive a confirmation text, and you can expect your order to be ready in about 30 minutes. Once it’s is ready, you will receive another text message. Please proceed to the check-in room and they will direct you to the online ordering pickup section. (Online orders are subject to the same payment requirements as in-store shopping.)

How strong are your recreational marijuana products?

We have recreational marijuana products in a range of strengths because everyone responds differently to marijuana! We encourage all new customers to start low and go slow to learn which products work best for their needs. Not sure where to start? Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Will there be discounts on recreational marijuana?

In accordance with Massachusetts law, we do not offer any discounts on recreational marijuana products.

Am I allowed to drive after using recreational marijuana?

Operating a motor vehicle after using recreational marijuana is prohibited, and dangerous.

What are the rules for transporting recreational marijuana products?

Your purchase from Potency will be sealed for transport. We recommend keeping your items sealed until you get where you’re going. It is against Massachusetts law to have an open container of recreational marijuana or marijuana products in the passenger area of any vehicle. An “open container” is defined as having a package with a broken seal or a package from which contents have been partially removed.



Our return policy pertains to refunding customers for defective products within 2 weeks of purchase. State regulations prohibit us from taking marijuana products (defective or otherwise!) back into our physical inventory once it’s left our link of the chain of custody and has been sold to a customer.


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