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Partner Spotlight: Fernway Vape Cartridges

Potency is proud to offer Fernway vape cartridges to our Massachusetts customers seeking the highest-quality cannabis vape experiences. All Fernway vapes are made with pure cannabis oil and terpenes and pack a powerful punch in flavors.

At Potency, we strive to offer only the best products to our customers, and Fernway always ranks at the top of our list. And look, we know the name is a bit confusing for any New Englander, but let us set the record straight by confirming it IS Fernway, not Fenway.

Vape cartridges and baseball fields may not have much in common, but they both give all the right vibes in this case.

What Makes Fernway Outshine the Competitors?

For many reasons, Fernway vape cartridges are unbeatable, so let’s dive into what makes them so special.

They Don’t Grow

Fernway doesn’t grow its own bud, which might initially sound like a negative. However, this means they stay focused on letting the expert growers do their thing and then Fernway curates the best nugs from the best strains. Think of them as your own personal shopper— and an expert shopper at that—doing the hard work of sifting through all the available strains to get to the cream of the crop.

They Keep it Simple

Since Fernway works hard to find the best strains, there’s no need to overcomplicate things. They don’t add fillers and junk you don’t need to cloud the vaping experience.

Fernway vape cartridges include only pure cannabis oil and terpenes. Each time you use a Fenway vape cartridge, you know what you are getting and, perhaps more importantly, what you are not getting.

They Test Their Products

Fernway is committed to quality; products don’t leave their dispensary without thorough testing. You won’t be bummed by a bad batch with the Fernway name on it. These products are not only tested in-house but also in state-certified labs.

They Know How to Flavor

You can trust Fernway’s process to deliver unbeatable results if you want a vape cartridge brimming with flavor. They harvest terpenes from fruits and herbs to elevate your vaping experience. Natural and authentic flavors make Fernway vape cartridges the most popular in Massachusetts.

Fenway Vape Cartridges: FAQs

If you are an inexperienced vaper or just new to the Fernway brand, you may have some questions about their products, and we have all the answers. We are sure you will love Fernway vape cartridges, and if you have any questions we have not answered below, drop us a line.

Do I need a Fernway vape to use Fernway cartridges?

Fernway vapes are a solid choice, but rest assured you can still enjoy their mouthwatering flavors even if you have another vape (as long as it has 510 batteries).

Do vape cartridges expire?

Yes, vape cartridges have a shelf life, but we are confident you will love Fernway flavors and will not leave these on a shelf to go bad. Usually, vape carts should be used within a year of being manufactured.

Can I buy Fernway vapes outside of Massachusetts?

Right now, Fernway products can only be sold in Massachusetts. At Potency, we are ready to get you hooked up with Fernway vape cartridges or help you with any other cannabis needs.


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