Partner Spotlight: Aruna

Potency’s promise to our customers is a commitment to offering the best cannabis available in Massachusetts, and we take pride in our careful and selective process to partner with the best growers in the state. In our Pittsfield dispensary, you will find premium products from growers who share our passion for high-quality cannabis, including Aruna.

Partner Spotlight: Aruna

Aruna cannabis is powered by the sun and earth, thanks to its UV-permissive roof glaze. By allowing the full, natural spectrum of the sun to interact with the plants, Aruna brings out the unique aspects of every strain they grow, resulting in a premium experience for the end user.

Their name reflects this passion for sunlight in cannabis growing. Aruna comes from Sanskrit: he is the charioteer of Surya, the Sun God. Each strain of Aruna cannabis is kissed by the sun and meticulously cared for by a team devoted to quality.

The environment in which Aruna cannabis is grown is fully sealed and climate-controlled, but the unique design of the facility also allows sunlight to play a major role in the growing process. This means they can adjust as needed to grow high-quality strains regardless of the weather outside. A geothermal loop uses the earth’s temperature to dictate the cooling or heating needs of the growing environment while reducing its carbon footprint.

Aruna understands that many cannabis users are also passionate about sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, which is why they are committed to improving the way we grow cannabis indoors.

They have embraced the challenge of growing in a state where the climate can be unforgiving and found ways to lessen the negative impacts on the environment, which is one of the many reasons Potency is proud to offer Aruna products in our Pittsfield dispensary.

Aruna Cannabis Offerings

Aruna Milk & Cookies Pre-Ground

The flavor profile here can’t be beat: sweet and creamy with a peppery bite. Milk & Cookies from Aruna delivers the perfect blend of a relaxing and euphoric high from THC and CBG.

Strawberries in Space Multipack

Whether you are on the campground enjoying quiet solitude or surrounded by friends at a festival, this strain will leave you with nothing but the right vibes for enjoying your surroundings to the fullest. A favorite berry-forward strain among our Potency customers, Aruna’s Strawberries in Space consistently delivers a satisfying buzz.

Pablo’s Revenge Multipack

When it comes to the ideal nighttime cannabis, Pablo’s Revenge is a solid choice. This sweet and peppery strain offers the perfect way to relax, unwind, and let the calm wash over you.

Orange Whip

An energizing and euphoric high keeps cannabis lovers coming back to Aruna’s Orange Whip. The sweet and sour flavor profile gives way to a peppery diesel overtone and is a surefire strain for an immediate uplift.

Strawberry Fritter PreGround

A blissful and energetic high matches the intoxicating dash of strawberry scent in another one of Aruna’s premium offerings—the Strawberry Fritter pre-ground.

Stop by our Pittsfield dispensary to learn more about these and other Aruna offerings from Potency.

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