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Partner Spotlight: Mass Yield Cultivation

At Potency, we are passionate about connecting our customers with only the best and most reputable brands: we do the hard work of finding the highest-quality cannabis in Massachusetts, so you don’t have to, and we only sell products to our customers that we would buy ourselves.

One of the brands we proudly offer at our Pittsfield dispensary is Mass Yield Cultivation, a premium cannabis flower company based in the Berkshires. We love what they do, and we love bringing their cannabis to you.

Partner Spotlight: Mass Yield Cultivation

Mass Yield Cultivation was born in the Berkshires when a small group of cannabis enthusiasts came together with a passion for quality products and a premium customer experience.

The company prides itself on prioritizing science as the foundation for its operation, with a focus on strains backed by data. This ensures they turn out high-quality cannabis flowers season after season.

Mass Yield Cultivation runs its day-to-day operations with a “big picture” mindset that prioritizes:

  • Artisanal Cultivation: They are self-described as “hyper-focused” on the plants, which are hand-trimmed and constantly monitored during the life cycle to ensure premium quality with the end result.
  • Social Responsibility: They are as passionate about supporting their environment and community as they are about the products they grow.
  • A Deep Knowledge Base: They are committed to nurturing and growing a team of employees that represents decades of experience in cannabis production.

It is easy to see why Mass Yield Cultivation is consistently at the top of the list when it comes to brands we recommend at Potency, thanks to the passions we have in common with their mission. 

We recommend their products without hesitation as we know they can be relied upon for a premium customer experience, and we encourage you to visit our Pittsfield dispensary to learn more about the products below.

Mass Yield Cultivation: Tropicana Cherry

Available in quantities from 3.5 grams up to 28 grams, Tropicana Cherry boasts a thick flavor profile described as sweet yet tangy, with a blend of orange and tart cherries. The effects are energizing yet relaxing.

Mass Yield Cultivation: Peach Milano PreRoll

The Peach Milano PreRoll is one of our go-to recommendations for a euphoric boost and a tantalizing flavor profile. Our customers love the sweet and creamy taste as well as the effects, which can bolster focus, creativity, and happiness.

Mass Yield Cultivation: Sour PUTS Small Buds

Sour PUTS Small Buds packs a strong punch with an uplifting and euphoric high that transitions into a more mellow and relaxed feeling. Its strong aroma lingers, and this one has been a favorite of those looking for a bud that quells anxiety or eases pain.

Mass Yield Cultivation: Gary Peyton Small Buds

With earthy flavors and long-lasting effects, Gary Peyton Small Buds offers the perfect blend of THC and CBD for ultimate relaxation.


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