Partner Spotlight: Stafford Green

At Potency, we understand our business is only as good as the growers and cultivation facilities we work with, so we strive every day to partner with only the best of the best. The brands we carry at our Pittsfield dispensary share our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and Stafford Green is a shining example of that commitment. 

Stafford Green is a go-to favorite for our employees and customers alike, and this premium cannabis from Northern Berkshire County is sure to become one of your favorites as well.

Partner Spotlight: Stafford Green

Stafford Green is a family-owned business with one simple goal: to grow the best outdoor cannabis in the state of Massachusetts. Located in Northern Berkshire County, Stafford Green’s cultivation facility emphasizes quality strains at the heart of everything it produces. 

Their mission to couple eco-friendly growing processes with the latest in agricultural technology serves both their natural environment and their customers with the highest quality organically grown cannabis. Their family farm operation represents the best in Massachusetts cannabis.

Stafford Green is proud to be a Sun and Soil certified co-op farm, a designation that recognizes both the improved quality of terpenes from outdoor soil as well as the reduced carbon footprint of cannabis grown outdoors. 

We know our customers are not only looking for the best cannabis products; they also want them to come from growers with a commitment to protecting the natural environment, and Stafford Green products represent the best of both worlds.

Stafford Green Selections From Potency

At Potency, we are proud to carry a selection of Stafford Green’s organically grown cannabis, including these customer favorites.

Blue Apricot Sherbert Pre-Ground

For a sweet sensation and a relaxing, euphoric high, you cannot beat Blue Apricot Sherbert from Stafford Green. This fruity indica will not only tantalize your taste buds, but it will deliver just the right blend of effects, leaving you calm and energized at the same time.

Dosi Sherb X Crescendo Pre-Ground

This Indica-dominant frosty strain is another sweet and citrus-forward favorite among our Stafford Green selections. As refreshing as a push pop on a summer afternoon, Dosi Sherb X Crescendo is an instant boost of happiness.

Ice Cream Bean Pre-Ground

When your hybrid strain earns a moniker like Ice Cream, you know you are in for a treat, and that is definitely the case when it comes to this popular choice from Stafford Green. 

With notes of vanilla and pine flavor, this pre-ground cannabis is celebrated for its smooth and balanced high. Ice Cream will leave you relaxed and refreshed but not quite ready to hit the bed. The effects are ideal from this bushy plant, and we think it will quickly become one of your favorites.

Stop by our dispensary or drop us a line to learn more about our Stafford Green offerings and why we think they are some of the best cannabis producers in the Commonwealth.


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