The Highest THC Strains in Massachusetts

When it comes to cannabis, the variety seems to be never-ending, which is equal parts awesome and overwhelming. The fact that cannabis strains can cover just about every user’s need—from insomnia to pain relief—is what makes this natural and healing plant so incredibly powerful; however, if you are trying to weed your way through all of these strains (pun intended), you may wonder how you are supposed to narrow down your choices.

High potency is one easy way to narrow the list for anyone looking for a strain that delivers on effects, and we will highlight some of the highest-testing strains below, all guaranteed to deliver the buzz you crave. First, we will offer a quick explanation of what strains are and how we identify them.

What Are THC Strains?

The easiest way to think about THC strains is to consider them breeds of marijuana. And just like the variety you’d find with dog breeds—where a poodle is significantly different from a dachshund—the differences in strains can be pretty significant, too. A strain is also defined as a variation of a species.

As the cannabis industry has grown, and especially with the growth of legal dispensaries, growers have spent more time cross-breeding to create new strains that meet the demands of buyers.

Strains differ from one to the next in three main ways: appearance, aroma, and effects. The effects are what really drive demand for specific strains. For example, one buyer might be interested in a sleep-inducing strain, whereas another might search for a mood-boosting or energizing strain.

Strains also have different percentages of cannabis compounds, so you may see some with more CBD than THC.

Highest Testing THC Strains for Massachusetts

Next, we will examine some high strains that rank among our favorites. We think there is something for every cannabis consumer among these popular picks.

Peach Milano

This is a harder-to-find strain but worth the effort. Peach Milano is a cross-breed of Cookies ‘n Cream, Tangie, and Peach Ringz with an uplifting and relaxing sweet and fruit flavor. Its real magic is in the combo effect of simultaneously sharpening focus while quieting the mind.

Lava Cake

With a name that captures its smell, Lava Cake is simply irresistible. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a big THC buzz accompanied by an aroma of baked goods? Lava Cake has incredibly relaxing effects and is a high-testing strain most users love.

Kush Mints

A high-testing strain for those who like a fresh, minty flavor profile instead of something overly sweet or fruity, Kush Mints is a hybrid strain made from Bubba Kush and Animal Mints.  The effects of this highly potent bud are generally described as euphoric and best for seasoned users. Kush Mints boasts more than 30% THC.


Chemdog or Chemdawg leaves users feeling uplifted and euphoric and is quickly recognized by its diesel-like aroma. The smell is not the only thing that is strong when it comes to Chemdog: so is the high! This is definitely a strain for seasoned Cannabis users.

Garlic Drip

You can easily guess from the name that this strain’s aroma is particularly strong. Garlic Drip is one of the most pungent of the high THC strains in Massachusetts, and it also packs a powerful punch when it comes to relaxation thanks to upwards of 30% THC.

Chocolate OG

If you want a high that will plant you firmly on the couch, Chocolate OG is your strain. A hybrid of True OG and Chocolate Rain with more than 30% THC, users enjoy this strain’s surprisingly savory flavor profile. It has been known to knock out everything from anxiety to pain.

Jungle Cake

When you cross Wedding Cake with White Fire #43, the result is pure relaxation in the form of Jungle Cake. This strain has an earthy, sweet aroma and more than 30% THC.

Blue Dream

Dreamy is exactly how we’d describe the result of crossing Blueberry with Haze. With a sweet berry aroma and a THC-CBD combo, this strain is always reliable for a balanced high.

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