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How to Use the CanPay App to Minimize Transaction Time

The CanPay app is the first debit payment app for cannabis retailers. It serves as a secure data transfer service between customers and banks. The app offers great convenience as it is fee-free and safe. It is also easy to sign up for and use.

One of the top advantages of using the CanPay app for your cannabis products is that you do not incur transaction charges, and there are no hidden bank charges. If you were to do the same transaction with a debit card, you would typically incur a fee. Note that CanPay does not handle your money but facilitates the transaction process.

To ensure safety and data privacy, CanPay uses the latest security technology. Once a payment code is generated, it is only valid for 30 minutes and can only be used once.

How to Use CanPay App

  1. Download it on your phone. The CanPay is available for Android and Apple devices.
  2. Install the app and follow the onscreen instructions to set it up.
  3. Sign up for a CanPay account by providing your name and a working email address.
  4. Verify your identity. You will be required to provide your ID photo and identity verification document, such as a valid driver’s license, for identity verification.
  5. Link your CanPay app to an active checking account for seamless electronic payment.
  6. You will also be required to set up a quick 4-digit access pin.
  7. Upon completing the signup process, you will undergo a verification process. In most cases, the verification process is instant, but it can take up to three days.
  8. Once your account is verified, CanPay will notify you via email, and you can log into your account to start using the app.
  9. To use the CanPay app, browse the various participating dispensaries.
  10. Shop your preferred cannabis products at a partnering cannabis retail store with CanPay. At checkout, confirm the payment details and amount and complete your purchase. Ensure the linked account has enough money to complete the purchase or top-up.
  11. Once the purchase is complete, you should receive a confirmation on your CanPay App. A purchase confirmation will also be sent to the email address you used to set up the account. You can view your transaction history in the menu of the app.
  12. Wait for delivery or collect the purchased items at the respective dispensary. Present the purchase confirmation on the app to the dispensary staff.
  13. If you have issues with your account or completing a purchase, reach out to CanPay’s customer support via live chat.

Since most cards and banks do not support cannabis purchases – even in states where it is legal – the CanPay app is the perfect solution for making fast, safe, and no-fee transactions. CanPay is constantly increasing its network of retailers. Therefore, it is highly likely that your favorite cannabis dispensary is enlisted with them.

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