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Potency Pre-Rolls

The Potency team is dedicated to our goal of being leaders in the industry. Our goal is to be your go-to dispensary in Pittsfield, Massachusetts for high-quality cannabis products.

One thing we really pride ourselves on is our pre-rolls. Spend more time enjoying your preferred strains and leave the rolling to us. Our consistently perfect–not-too-tight, not-too-loose–pre-roll joints are made with our incredible quality cannabis flower, and that’s it. No stems, no fillers–just convenience and flexibility. Sample your way through our latest strains and let us do the work.

While we of course carry our own Potency brand pre-rolls, we also have perfectly pre-rolled joints from our trusted partners: Happy Valley, Mass Yield Cultivation, The Fresh Connection. If you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid joints, we’ve got you! Our expert staff will curate the strain with the perfect amounts of THC and CBD to meet your needs. Whatever mood you’re trying to achieve–calm, energetic, happy, relaxed, sleepy, creative, focused, inspired–again: WE’VE GOT YOU!

You need to see our incredibly designed store and experience our supreme cannabis products carefully curated by our carefully curated team of experts. Whatever your pre-roll needs may be, we’ll be your go-to cannabis dispensary in Pittsfield, MA

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