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Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Near Dalton, MA 01226

Potency cannabis dispensary is located in Pittsfield . Providing a curated cannabis experience with an extensive selection of exclusive cannabis products.


Looking for premium cannabis products and a reputable dispensary close to Williamstown? Our dispensary is at 1450 East Street, Suite 1 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Our store is located across the street from the Hangar Pub and Grill and next to Berkshire Hydroponics.


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What Makes Our Dispensary the Best in Dalton-MA?

Perhaps there is a dispensary in Pittsfield that is closer to your residence, so why would you take the time to visit us? We believe that you will concur that ours is one of the dispensaries that is worth the journey. Our menu, which is frequently updated, always includes the finest cannabis cultivars and products, including:

  • Exclusive flower strains
  • Delectable infused foods and drinks
  • Tinctures, oils, and extracts of cannabis
  • Essential accessories
  • Cannabis topicals used for medical purposes

At Potency, we take a hands-on approach to customer service, are enthusiastic about what we do, and have one of the largest cannabis selections in Massachusetts. We are thrilled to welcome residents of Pittsfield and surrounding areas. Give us a call if you have any concerns, and be sure to check out our menu; we even offer a pre-order option so you can avoid the queue!

First Time Visiting a Massachusetts Dispensary?

If this is your first visit to a Massachusetts marijuana dispensary, there are a few things you should know. First, you need a government-issued photo ID to prove that you are of legal age to purchase at the dispensary. Second, you need cash to purchase marijuana, so bring enough to complete the transaction. You can access cash from our ATM if necessary, but there is a fee.

Is marijuana lawful in Pittsfield, Massachusetts?

The purchase and use of cannabis is lawful throughout the state of Massachusetts, including Pittsfield.

What is the minimum age for purchasing and consuming cannabis in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts permits individuals over 21 to purchase and consume marijuana. A valid form of identification is a state-issued driver’s license with a photograph, as well as a U.S. identification card, a military identification card, or an ID card issued by any Canadian province.

How much cannabis can I purchase during my visit?

Massachusetts law permits the purchase of up to one ounce of flower, or 28 grams, five grams of concentrate, and consumables containing a total of 100 milligrams of THC per store visit.

Potency Pittsfield Dispensary

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