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Top Cannabis Vape Cart Brands in Massachusetts

Shoppers looking for the best vape carts in Massachusetts rely on Potency for a carefully curated selection. Our dedicated team finds the best bud and brings it straight to you, with an unbeatable product selection available in our store.

Come check out all of the best vape carts in Massachusetts, along with edibles, prerolls, and concentrates. Potency is your one-stop shop for ensuring all your cannabis needs are covered.

The Best Vape Cartridges in Massachusetts

We have rounded up a selection of our favorite vape brands from trusted growers with the best strains on the market. These vape carts always deliver flavor and effects, giving you everything from a euphoric and energetic high to a relaxing and blissful state of calm.

Whatever you are looking for in a vape cartridge, Potency has you covered with the always reliable brands below.

Papa’s Herb

The name will give you the warm fuzzies, and so will the product. Papa’s Herb uses bud lovingly sourced by a business that takes pride in their family’s Cannabis history, and they stand behind the quality and affordability of their vape carts.

Whether you opt for the skunky, berry flavors of Strawberry Cough or try the candy-like sensation of Runtz, vape carts from Papa’s Herbs do not disappoint and are always a customer favorite.

Coil Brothers

Coil Brothers started with four friends and a simple goal: to make premium Cannabis products for their friends, family, and neighbors in Massachusetts. They source from craft growers and work to make sure every product delivers flavor and effects.

Orange Chameleon is a Potency favorite for its refreshing citrus flavor and energizing and euphoric effects. Coil Brothers premium vape cartridges’ never miss.

Pax Labs

Pax is devoted to protecting the essence of the cannabis plant and delivers the highest-quality products made of pure and all-natural 100% cannabis. Their vape carts will take your experience to the next level with truly tantalizing flavors like Watermelon Z and Strawberry Jam.


Another Massachusetts favorite is Fernway (not to be confused with Fenway!), and you can count on their vape cartridges to deliver high-purity distilled oil and delicious natural terpenes. Check out their Berkshire Gold for a woodsy flavor that’s as calming as an autumn campfire.


If you are looking for a truly unique vaping experience, Rave’s Jiggler boasts a rare hybrid strain crossing Mai Tai #4 with Gello, and the result is unlike any flavor profile we have tried. Rave makes their concentrates and carts in small batches, focusing on premium quality and consistent effects.

Nothing is overlooked here: flavor, aroma, and experience are all outstanding with Rave, and it consistently ranks highly among the best vape cartridge brands in Massachusetts.


Superflux takes cannabis cultivation seriously and creates next-level user experiences thanks to a slow and meticulous process that starts with the cannabis seedlings. Their expertise and top-notch strain inventory deliver a vape cartridge sure to exceed your taste expectations.

Whether your sweet tooth calls for Dutch Treat x Cherry Pie or you prefer the earthy and woodsy flavor of Platinum Gorilla, Superflux has a vape cartridge selection sure to include one of your future favorites.

Honorable Mentions: Rhythm and Fine Fettle

Massachusetts cannabis providers are growing, and the selection is ever-changing; here at Potency, we always keep an eye on the best products to serve our customers. Rhythm and Fine Fettle are two other brands to watch, with high-quality cannabis and tempting flavor profiles.

Keep an eye out for Potency-branded cartridges to come as well. We are excited to bring our own world-class cannabis products to our loyal customers!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Vapes

Even the highest quality vapes will malfunction from time to time. Nothing could be worse than going for a hit of that delicious Pax Labs Lime Sherbert on a sunny summer afternoon to find that your vape is not working at all.

Remember these simple tips the next time you hit a cannabis roadblock.

Check for Debris

This should always be your first step. Make sure your vape pen has not been affected by debris, which is pretty common if you throw it in your lint-filled pocket, an overflowing purse, or in the crowded center console of your car.

Check out the mouthpiece and see if you can spot some debris; if so, you can simply dislodge it with a safety pin, toothpick, or other small sharp object and return to enjoying your vape.

Look at the Battery Signal

If your pen has a signal or light showing battery function, this is one of the easiest things to check. No light? No battery. If it’s a disposable pen, toss it and purchase another one.

One of the best things about disposable vapes is trying out new flavors and brands—not to mention that they are discreet, portable, and affordable. If you are unsure about what strains or flavors to try, see us at Potency, and we can help you find the perfect match with the desired effects.

Give it a Good Tap

Tapping a vape pen might seem like a nervous habit, but it can also be a possible repair. Sometimes, air bubbles will get trapped in the vape, and a few taps could release the air. Then, you are back in business and enjoying your vape experience.

Potency’s Promise

A great selection of vape cartridges is available in Massachusetts, with new strains and flavors being introduced often. At Potency, we always look for the newest and best cannabis products, from edibles to vapes and more. We want to be your go-to dispensary and trusted source for cannabis, so stop by and see us to learn more about our incredible lineup of products.

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