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420 Friendly Camping Locations in Massachusetts

Campers have long loved cannabis, and for many, there’s no better place to enjoy bud than in the great outdoors. When it comes to camping in the Commonwealth, there are so many options that provide fantastic scenery, hiking trails, recreational opportunities, and, yes, places to enjoy cannabis.

Check out our guide to 420 friendly camping locations in Massachusetts below, as well as our FAQs to get you prepared for a woodsy getaway with all the right vibes.

Where to Camp With Cannabis in Massachusetts

It is legal for adults to purchase recreational cannabis in Massachusetts, and people in the Bay State are enjoying it everywhere, from concerts to campgrounds. Even though legislation was passed enabling the purchase and possession of cannabis, it is still important to pay attention to any local rules regarding its use.

In most places, the public consumption of cannabis is still prohibited. Therefore, many cannabis fans opt to consume edibles in places where smoke would be especially conspicuous. There are plenty of convenient, discreet, and portable options for cannabis (like gummies) that allow campers to enjoy a mellow vibe without having to mess with rolling papers or frantically search the pockets of a camping backpack for the missing lighter. A good rule of thumb to consider is that anywhere you cannot smoke tobacco products in public settings in Massachusetts, you are also prohibited from smoking cannabis.

420 Friendly Camping Locations in Massachusetts

If you are looking to unwind and connect with nature in Massachusetts, check out some of these favorite camping spots:

Harold Parker State Forest is an hour-long drive from Boston with 35 miles of trails and dozens of campsites with plenty of room to spread out and find a quiet space to camp.

Beartown State Forest boasts 12 campgrounds on 12,000 acres and plenty of recreational activity, from swimming and fishing in the summer to cross-country skiing in the winter.

Salisbury Beach State Reservation is a favorite for those who prefer the shoreline to the woods, and the park has almost 500 campsites for tents, trailers, or RVs.

Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod is a huge draw for campers thanks to 8 freshwater ponds, 8 miles of bike trails, and more than 400 campsites.

In addition to these popular campgrounds, there are abundant opportunities to camp (or glamp) through rental sites like Airbnb, where owners rent campsites on private land or use pop-up campers and RVs. Check with the hosts in advance to determine if their rentals are 420 friendly.

Massachusetts Cannabis FAQs

Massachusetts Cannabis FAQs

How much cannabis can an individual buy in Massachusetts?

Now that recreational cannabis is legal to purchase in the Commonwealth, an adult may have up to an ounce of marijuana on their person (or five grams of marijuana concentrate).

Can I buy cannabis in Massachusetts and take it to a campground in a neighboring state?

Campers in Massachusetts may be interested in exploring campgrounds all across New England, but you will need to consume cannabis only in the state where it was purchased. It is illegal to Massachusetts cannabis across state lines.

What’s the best cannabis edible for camping?

This one comes down to personal preference, and the options for campers are plentiful, but we are partial to gummies. Potency has a huge selection of gummies, and our crew can help you find the best ones for your next camping adventure.

Potency Before You Go

Stop by our Pittsfield dispensary for the best cannabis for camping (or any activity, for that matter!). We have everything from flower to concentrates and from chocolates to pre-rolls, along with a staff that loves helping our customers find just the right vibes.

Whether you are setting out to camp in the woods, dance the night away at a show, or just spend a relaxing weekend at home, Potency can hook you up with the right cannabis to enhance any experience.

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