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Best Live Resin Brands in Massachusetts

Gone are the days of a “single format” weed as the thriving cannabis industry brings us a wide variety of options, with no signs of slowing. Whether you want to enjoy the benefits of THC in a chocolate bar, enhance your coffee with CBD drops, or pop a gummy before a show, there is a cannabis product for everyone these days.

If you are new to the Massachusetts cannabis market, you may be overwhelmed by these choices and all of the terminology that has sprung up around them. Perhaps you have been hearing more about “live resin” and have no idea what it is.

Below, we will dive in to explore what live resin is, how it works, and the best Massachusetts live resin brands, all available at Potency.

What Is Live Resin?

What Is Live Resin?

Live resin describes both a product and a technique. Cannabis concentrate is flash-frozen from freshly harvested marijuana plants, then blasted with a solvent (like butane) and pressed. What you do not see in this process, versus other ways we deal with cannabis concentrates, is curing or drying.

Live resin maximizes the terpene profile preservation, whereas, in other processes, the plant and its terpene profile may be damaged and compounds lost. This means a reduction in flavor, aroma, and potency.

Best Live Resin Brands in Massachusetts

Live resin has gained popularity for its ability to maximize cannabis compounds in their “freshest” state, and it is best for seasoned cannabis users. Live resin is much stronger than other cannabis products, and users should be mindful of overdoing it. “Too much of a good thing” could be possible with live resin, so start slowly to play it safe.

Can I Make My Own Live Resin?

Leave this to the experts, folks. Live resin requires combustible solvents and is not a task for the average home grower. With so many great live resin products available in dispensaries, there is no need to risk an explosion in your garage.

What Is the Difference Between Live Resin and Live Rosin?

It is easy to confuse resin and rosin as you shop for cannabis products, but the two have an important difference. Live rosin products are solventless. This means they are created using heat and pressure without the aid of a solvent (like butane or propane).

Live rosins are big on flavor, and if that is more important to you than potency, they may be your best bet. Generally speaking, live resin will have a higher THC percentage than rosin.

The Best Live Resin Brands in Massachusetts

If you are interested in live resin cannabis products, look no further than Potency. We carry the best live resin brands in Massachusetts—along with our unbeatable selection of other products, including gummies and prerolls.

Our expert team is passionate about offering only the highest quality brands and helping customers find the right products; stop by our Pittsfield dispensary to let us walk you through all of our selections, including the live resin brands below.


The team at Superflux is beyond meticulous when it comes to attention to detail. They are passionate about cultivating cannabis, from the moment the genetics are selected from the seed to the many months later as they assess the plants to find the best quality traits for their products. Theirs is a sophisticated cannabis, processed with an emphasis on preserving terpene profiles and cannabinoid content.

Superflux is one of our favorite live resins at Potency, and no matter what flavor profile you are seeking, we know one of their disposable vapes will do the trick. These vapes all contain upwards of 75% THC and are best used by seasoned cannabis aficionados.


Another Potency favorite for our staff and customers alike is Rave, which offers premium concentrates made in small batches. They take pride in a gentle extraction process that keeps optimal properties intact, ensuring the end user gets the most high-quality cannabis experience.

Rave live resins are known for their tantalizing aromas with experiences to match.

Nature’s Heritage

Nature’s Heritage lives up to its mantra, “in trees we trust.” Their premium cannabis products, including live resins, are created with the utmost respect for Mother Nature and without cutting any corners. They cultivate unique strains of cannabis with a constant focus on optimizing and preserving cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds.


The founders of Nimbus were inspired to bring the highest-quality vapes to New England with a commitment to both the purest cannabis oil along with the most reliable hardware. They focused on an extraction process without any unnatural additives and created a brand that has become a favorite in Massachusetts. Check out their live resin vapes in our Pittsfield dispensary.

Potency for All Your Cannabis Needs

Stop by and see us at our Pittsfield dispensary (we are open 7 days a week!) for the best in Massachusetts live resins, along with a wide variety of other cannabis products. We would love to hook you up with the best live resin or any other product you are searching for, and our crew can make sure you get the best cannabis Massachusetts has to offer.


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