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Brand: Nimbus

GMO Rootbeer x Dosi (I-H) Live Resin Vape .5g


Bred locally by 555 genetics, GMO x Rootbeer x Dosi is a very unique strain that is a perfect combination of a Northern California legendary strain Rootbeer crossed with a Chemd Cookies cross with a mix of Dosi. The lineage of this strain goes from coast to coast. GMO Rootbeer comes from noted breeders Skunktek and Mean Gene from Mendocino aka Freedborn Selections. GMO Rootbeer has a distinct root beer smell, and a high-THC hybrid indica effect. This strain has a distinct Root Beer smell and taste with a potent high that is a relaxing, couch locking high.



About the brand :

In late 2018 Brian and Justin discussed the current state of the Massachusetts cannabis market over a beer. They realized the current vapes on the market were made with sub-par oil and hardware, and were potentially putting people of the commonwealth at risk. They soon realized there was a void in the market, a cannabis brand that creates premium products while embracing what it means to be a true New Englander. So they took action. From Brian's experience in Colorado producing vape products, he understood that cutting corners is not only bad business but potentially dangerous to the consumer. They began by creating an extraction process that yielded the purest Cannabis Oil without the use of any unnatural additives. They also wanted to make sure their oil was paired with the highest quality hardware on the market. Through their true New England grit and determination, they created a brand that delivers a Premium Cannabis Experience that people of the commonwealth deserve, Nimbus Vapor Co.

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